World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw’s High-Volume Strongman Workout

World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw’s High-Volume Strongman Workout


Brian Shaw has huge plans in 2022. The previous World’s Strongest Guy (he won the title in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016), is heading to be again in the competition this year, and his schooling has presently started. In a new video clip, he takes his followers through just one of his large-quantity training sessions.

“I truly feel like ending 2021 I had a ton of momentum, and I’m heading to carry that into 2022,” he claims. “Just about every one working day is an option to start. Every single solitary day is an option to get much better… I’m setting up up now to World’s Strongest Male. It can be mad to say it, but we are rather virtually at 20 weeks out, so each and every one education session, just about every single 7 days is very, really important.”

Shaw shared that he is now working with a distinct energy coach, ‘Big House’ Joe Kenn, who Shaw claims is “1 of the finest toughness coaches in the earth, if not the ideal toughness mentor in the earth.” Shaw states he labored with him earlier in 2005.

To kick off the workout, Shaw starts off with warmups making use of a resistance band (4 sets of 25 reps), which include: overhead tricep band extensions, band pulldowns, and a flex fitness converging upper body press. It can take him about 10 minutes.

“It blew the arms out of my shirt,” he says. “I have got a great pump heading.”

Future up, he does a susceptible incline dumbbell row (15 reps) supersetted with an elevator shoulder presses (a shoulder press for the initial set, followed by a large incline and reducing the incline over 5 sets for 15 reps every.)

“Huge volume currently,” he states.

He receives to it, and the sweat commences pouring.

“That acquired serious there in the center with all those people reps. Which is a ton of quantity,” he claims. “But the elevator presses are an exciting motion for the reason that shoulder press, possibly the hardest, and then it receives a small bit less difficult, a small little bit easier as you get a lot more and a lot more fatigued. The rows certainly caught up a tiny bit quicker than I thought they were being going to these days. But the presses I think worked out genuinely nicely. That was a heck of a challenge.”

The past thing he has is a medley, together with: a one-arm cable lateral raise, a single-arm standing dumbbell overhead push, a seated solitary-arm shrug, a single-arm rope overhead triceps extension, and a one-arm dumbbell curl. He will do 15 reps for each individual training, for 4 sets.

He receives to it, and functions by means of all 4 sets.

“Guy, I feel great. But I will surely say ‘Big House’ Joe Kenn is definitely placing me by way of the paces proper now, and this quantity has definitely been kicking my butt a minimal bit. I am not made use of to that. It is really taken me outside the house of my convenience zone here a minor little bit,”Shaw admits. “But occasionally when you want to get much better, you need to have to go outside of your convenience zone. And if you want some thing terrible enough, you have to be willing to get the job done for it. If I set this total of get the job done in the next 20 weeks primary up to World’s Strongest Person, it is really likely to be a thing very extremely superior and anything that I’m proud of.”

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