Women’s health matters: Restoring feminine wellness and confidence with Votiva by AFYA

Women’s health matters: Restoring feminine wellness and confidence with Votiva by AFYA

Will not hold out to prioritize your wellbeing and contentment – such as addressing typical vaginal wellness issues

Frequent fears these kinds of as health and fitness, nutrition, bodyweight and hormones are inclined to top rated the record when chatting about women’s wellness challenges. These are all vital to our overall perfectly-getting, but it is time to focus on the great importance of intimate female overall health as nicely.

Fact is, no make any difference how substantially time and notice we pay back to nutritious eating plan and an active way of life, there are factors influencing feminine wellness that are only out of our control. Childbirth, menopause and getting old contribute to vaginal well being issues that can have severe and extensive-long lasting effects on our bodily and psychological wellbeing. The superior news is that treatments are obtainable to reverse the results of time and trauma and preserve vaginal overall health. Votiva vaginal rejuvenation at AFYA Skin & Human body in Guelph is a safe and snug way to enable restore and keep personal health without invasive surgical procedures.


AFYA Brand name Manager Sarah Tennent points out how their Votiva procedure is aiding gals of all ages who knowledge typical, but usually unspoken, personal well being challenges. “So lots of women of all ages undergo in silence and hold out for their yearly gyno appointment or are not comfy talking with their relatives health care provider. Votiva tightens the vaginal muscles to assist with bladder concerns and sexual health and fitness. It is a Godsend for females and a fantastic option to invasive medical procedures.”

Non-surgical Votiva vaginal rejuvenation can help with:


  • Moderate Bladder Challenges: Most women of all ages knowledge some degree of incontinence in their life time, and the problem is far more commonplace with age. Urine leaks can materialize when coughing, sneezing, exercising and even laughing – but there is almost nothing humorous about it. Votiva remedies enable to regenerate vaginal tissues and strengthen the current muscles, giving girls regained self-assurance and much more flexibility to reside, enjoy and chuckle with out inhibition.
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  • Dryness: The suffering and distress of vaginal dryness is all also popular. Vaginal dryness is a final result of diminished hormones and the all-natural getting older system, and lead to itching, pain and painful intercourse. Non-surgical Votiva therapies particularly concentrate on the tissues in the vaginal region that results in lubrication.
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  • Sexual Perform: Self-assurance is not only empowering, it’s downright sexy. Intimate discomforts these types of as dryness and stretched labia often lead to agonizing intercourse, lowered sexual success and a drop in inner thoughts of fulfillment and personal confidence. By correcting those fundamental troubles, Votiva vaginal rejuvenation can aid you get back your self-confidence and renew your pleasure.
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  • Adjustments in Overall look: Age, childbirth and menopause can all add to looseness in the vaginal area that is not only physically unpleasant, it can change selected bodily capabilities and be aesthetically unappealing. Votiva provides discomfort-cost-free radiofrequency waves to the vagina and labia to help tighten the muscles and restore a extra youthful look and performance.
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AFYA Pores and skin & Overall body is a person of only a handful of services in Ontario giving Votiva. Treatments are concluded by nurses appropriate in the clinic, and consumers report tiny to no pain through or immediately after the process. “Our clientele have been incredibly joyful and impressed with the outcomes. They are so amazingly grateful that they just want to shout it from the rooftops,” Tennent says. “We are just setting up to comprehend the importance of post-treatment when your overall body has been by way of something as traumatic as childbirth. These troubles are not talked about plenty of, and a great deal of persons do not even know this form of therapy exists.”

You are worthy of to sense self-assured and healthy in your skin. Simply click here to make an appointment to discuss with a clinician about the advantages of Votiva non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation.

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