Watch YouTuber Will Tennyson Take on pro Bodybuilder Valerie Ratelle in a Strength Challenge

Watch YouTuber Will Tennyson Take on pro Bodybuilder Valerie Ratelle in a Strength Challenge


Health and fitness YouTuber and bodybuilder Will Tennyson is no stranger to unusual and superb troubles. In past films, the Canadian has labored out like an Ironman triathlete, taken on Andre Rush’s 8000-calorie eating plan and even crushed a work out at 15,000 toes.

In his most up-to-date problem, the 25-calendar year-previous back links up with specialist bodybuilder Valerie Ratelle — “[there’s] additional definition in her quads than a dictionary,” says Tennyson — for a head-to-head training that’ll test his mettle in the context of aesthetic and endurance bodybuilding (Ratelle’s specialty).

Soon after a quick dialogue, the pair make your mind up to teach legs in their head-to-head session. Pre-exercise scooped, they head to their warm-up. “I typically do supersets for warm-ups,” claims Ratelle, right before warming up on a glute machine and a Pitshark. Upcoming up, their to start with performing tri-set of leg extensions, barbell strolling lunges and hack squats. “Holy shit,” pants Tennyson. “It would seem she functions out right up until she faints, pukes or dies. I guess that’s how you expand.”

On the leg extensions, Ratelle shares how she keeps her bodybuilding-design training successful. Rather of counting reps, Ratelle will work right until failure — which at times comes early, and from time to time comes late. Not only that, but Ratelle and Tennyson use the strolling lunges as the “relaxation” interval amongst the leg extensions and the hack squats. To continue to keep Tennyson doing work at most depth, Ratelle employs fall sets — decreasing the weight on the leg extension when he reaches failure — to maximise muscle tear.

“I never generally sweat I sparkle,” gasps Tennyson right after finishing the 1st brutal tri-established with Ratelle. Future up: the swing squat, a plate-loaded leg machine for deep, whole variety squats. It makes use of a curved trajectory to stay clear of putting undue pressure on the knees. Paired with a vertical leg push, the duo begin grinding really hard through the 2nd phase of their workout routines. On each device, they are aiming to strike as quite a few reps as feasible. Just as well, Tennyson laughs, for the reason that “bodybuilders won’t be able to depend.”

Pumping out the reps, Ratelle keeps Tennyson working difficult with a couple of motivational tools straight from the bible of bodybuilding. “Really don’t halt, or I count yet again,” warns the professional bodybuilder — out of body, Tennyson is pouring with sweat (or “sparkle”?), his hands on his head.

Next superset wrapped, Tennyson gasps, “I am not likely to be in a position to walk for a week.” His worst slip-up? Hitting the training fasted. Irrespective of this, an amazed Ratelle says, Tennyson is “executing genuinely nicely”. Finally, the pair resolved on a wager — a large cookie if Ratelle wins and plenty of cash for a dozen doughnuts if Tennyson is the victor — just before their closing, all-out established on the pendulum squat. Slipping out of the machine, Tennyson manages a total 31 reps. Even so, Ratelle manages to safe victory with a tricky-earned 36 reps, before contacting time.

“That was an fulfilling and mentally agonising exercise routine,” claims Tennyson to Ratelle soon after they’ve wrapped.

“You did very well, I was impressed,” Ratelle replies. “I assumed you would have had a more challenging time…it is essentially tricky. [I’m] definitely happy.”

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