Kane Brown Is (Almost) the Fittest Guy in Country Music

Kane Brown Is (Almost) the Fittest Guy in Country Music


THE TRANSFORMATION began like a track.

It was the Fourth of July—a warm, sticky day in Nashville. Nation-new music star Kane Brown was on his back again porch with his wife, Katelyn Jae, and some near friends.

The discussion shifted to Granger Smith, Brown’s most current opening act, a person who requires off his shirt following the past song and throws it into the group.

“He was just so shredded,” Brown remembers saying.

Which is when singer-songwriter RaeLynn, a good friend of his, claims Brown lifted up his shirt, much too. And they giggled. Not a very hot-damn! giggle. A which is-silly-due to the fact-you-really don’t-have-Granger’s-human body giggle.

“So I explained to them, from then on, ‘Just wait. I’m likely to get ripped,'” claims Brown. “And each and every working day considering that then, I have began doing the job out.”

Right before the platinum documents and the CMT Awards, Brown was match. At Chattanooga Superior University, he was the quarterback of the soccer group, the captain of the basketball crew, a pitcher on the baseball team, and a member of the track workforce.

After graduation, Brown says, he deemed attempting to turn into a qualified athlete or enlisting in the Military, but he stuck with music. His career took off right after he bailed on The X Variable United states. (The show required the baritone to be part of a boy band he had other programs.) And the life-style of a touring musician before long took keep.

kane brown fitness muscle men's health workout country music

John Shearer

“You are acquiring drinks before you go onstage, and you are ingesting whatever you can get your palms on, sitting on the couch all working day, looking at football, whatever—it commences to strike you. I’m not 21 any more,” says the singer, now 28. “A ton of people today consider that it is gonna hit you in your 30s it is like, Nah, it hits you in your 20s—if you give up.”

And so, on July 4, 2020, soon after a goodnatured jab from a close close friend, Brown made a decision not to stop anymore. He and his stability guard commenced working out together from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. just about every working day.

“I’ll usually choose Sunday off, form of like Chick-fil-A,” Brown says. “Any time I’m in town, [it’s] Monday: weightlifting, like upper body and biceps. And then Tuesday would be boxing, which functions your legs, cardio, and abdominal muscles. And then Wednesday, again and triceps. Thursday, back to boxing. And then Friday, we would do shoulders. And then possibly biceps again.”

Sure, Brown looks fitter, but he states he’s feeling the further gains, also. It is less difficult to select up and keep his two-yr-aged daughter, Kingsley Rose Brown. He has a lot more energy—a whole lot a lot more. “Check with any individual who has seen my exhibit not long ago: I’m practically sprinting across the stage.”

kane brown workout diet men's health fitness muscle

John Shearer

Brown states his progress has not been linear, though. “I don’t forget I [worked out] for a pair weeks and then I stopped,” he states. “Now that I have been boxing and executing cardio, I feel like my younger self all over again. I could actually run two miles with out collapsing.”

The trick to preserving up with it, he states, is pushing past the letdown when the effects do not appear right away. “I imagine it requires 4 to 6 weeks for you to see development.”

He’s straightforward-does-it with his diet and the relaxation of his life style, much too, selecting to get smaller measures and function them into his lifetime.

“I also knocked out Gatorade mainly because of the sugar. I knocked out quick food stuff as substantially as feasible,” he says. “I get the chicken and rice.”

He however won’t consume broccoli, though, and is functioning on sticking to his slumber program.

“I’m a massive video gamer,” he says of his vice. “When my wife goes to rest, which is when I enjoy.”

So is Brown the most shredded male in country songs now?

“Not yet,” he admits. His transformation is ongoing, but the gains are apparent. “I have basically acquired fat, in a fantastic way. I started off out at 170 and I’m at 198. I’m hoping to get to at the very least 210 or 215. If I get there, I’ll absolutely be the fittest guy in place songs.”

You hear that, Granger Smith?

Kane Brown’s On-The-Highway Work out

On tour, Brown has embraced bodyweight schooling, relying on easy workout routines accomplished for substantial reps. Attempt his hotel program when you’re restricted on time and equipment.


Brown does 5 sets of 30. Simply cannot get to 30 all at once? Do as lots of excellent-kind reps as you can, rest 10 seconds, then do extra reps repeat this right up until you have completed 30 reps.


Start off in pushup place, fingers specifically down below your shoulders, ft shoulder width apart, core and glutes restricted. Devoid of letting your hips go, lift your right hand and touch it to your still left shoulder. Keep for a split 2nd, then return it to the ground repeat on the other aspect. Do reps for 30 seconds do 5 sets.


Get started standing, toes shoulder width apart, abs and glutes restricted. Press your butt back and bend at the knees, lowering your torso right until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Stand back up, squeezing your glutes. That is 1 rep do 5 sets of 15.


Whenever Brown can discover a boxing gym, he tends to make a point to log some bag time. “It’s such a mental and bodily exercise,” he says. Sneak heavy-bag time or shadowboxing into your regimen at the time or two times a week for a cardio exercise that troubles your stomach muscles to boot.

A variation of this article appeared in the January/February 2022 difficulty of Men’s Well being.

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