At BIO, French delegation highlights its plans for healthcare and biotech development

At BIO, French delegation highlights its plans for healthcare and biotech development

At BIO, French delegation highlights its plans for healthcare and biotech development

At the BIO convention in San Diego June 13-16, France will have a delegation of 87 biotech and medtech companies with events punctuating each day of the conference. The French delegation is also bringing a success story about the country’s work in cultivating an innovative healthcare ecosystem, particularly in entrepreneurship. It also has plans for further investment in building and developing healthcare and life sciences companies, with the goal of supporting the country as the European leader in these areas.

France enjoys a robust collaborative relationship with the U.S. Last year, France attracted just under one quarter of American investment in Europe, compared with 20{ab24ffeec902ceefbc5fdafafd943b0c5d12b666e16ef1a5e7125e4fcd74f5fa} for the UK. More than 4,400 subsidiaries of American businesses are based in France, according to data from a Business France report on foreign investment in France.

The French healthcare startup ecosystem has 2,000 companies, including 750 biotech companies. These businesses account for more than 10,000 jobs — 79{ab24ffeec902ceefbc5fdafafd943b0c5d12b666e16ef1a5e7125e4fcd74f5fa} of them added staff last year. This year, another 2,000 hires are planned, mainly in R&D and production. France is the leading country for R&D activity in Europe. The number of R&D projects continues to grow significantly.

Healthcare investment soared in 2021 —French healthcare and life science startups raised $2.46 billion (€2.3 billion), a 50{ab24ffeec902ceefbc5fdafafd943b0c5d12b666e16ef1a5e7125e4fcd74f5fa} increase over 2020.

Franck Mouthon, President of France Biotech, attributed the growth to public policies in support of healthcare innovation, gradual structuring of the industry, and the impact of Covid-19 in raising awareness and interest in the healthcare and biotech industries.

“France now has access to a wide range of assets that are designed to ensure that patients are treated as quickly as possible and that these successes are deployed internationally,” Mouthon said.

In 2021, French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled the $8 billion (€7.5 billion) “Healthcare Innovation Plan”. The overall aim is to make France the leading innovative and sovereign European nation in health care, particularly in the fields of biomedical research, clinical trials and, more generally, breakthrough innovations in health, through the development of biotherapies and support for start-ups specializing in health care, for “medicine that is more predictive, more preventive, and more innovative.”

Here’s a look at some of the companies that will take part in the convention:

Affilogic, a biotech business focused on drug discovery and development in immunology and oncology through early-stage collaborations with worldwide industry leaders in the pharmaceutical sector.  Contact: Nadège Prel

Maat Pharma has a groundbreaking and innovative therapeutic approach based on gut microbiome modulation. Contact: Savita Bernal

Netris Pharma is developing novel therapeutic solutions for cancer patients. It currently has a Phase 2 clinical trial with more than 240 patients for its therapeutic in combination with chemotherapy and Pembrolizumab (Keytruda). Contact: Christophe Guichard

Phost’in Therapeutics is developing a class of highly potent anticancer new chemical entities targeting a key N-glycosylation mechanism responsible for suppressing the immune response. Contact: Karine Chorro

Valneva, a specialty vaccine company focused on the development and commercialization of prophylactic vaccines for infectious diseases with significant unmet medical need. The company has been in the news over the past 2 years for its inactivated vaccine candidate against Covid-19. Contact: Damien Dessis

Additionally, the French delegation will host several events at the BIO conference. Here are a few events to add to your schedules:

« Spurring Biotech Innovation Across The Globe: A High-Level Discussion » Round table: Moderated by Jannie Oosthuizen (President, Merck), this public session will gather views from various countries, including France, represented by Philippe Etienne, Ambassador to the U.S., France.

When: Monday, June 13, 12:50PM

Where: Convention Center

French hospitality reception: The opening ceremony will be led by the French ambassador to the U.S., Philippe Etienne. It will be followed by presentations by innovation biotech companies, including Netri, Vaxxel, and Novadiscovery.  

When: Monday, June 13, 4:30PM

Where: French Healthcare Pavilion, Booth #2922

Global Innovation Hub will host French healthcare organizations as they present the French ecosystem.

When: Tuesday, June 14 at 2:30PM

Where: Global Innovation Hub — Company presentation theaters

French Healthcare Yacht Party: There will be an introduction by the French Consul General in Los Angeles, Julie Duhaut-Bedos, networking, buffet, refreshments, and a DJ set.

When: Tuesday, June 14 at 5:30PM

Where: Yacht Spirit of San Diego, 990 North Harbor Drive (Yacht will remain docked) To register, click here.

Audience: 270+ European and North American healthcare stakeholders

 To see the full list of French speakers, click here.

The French delegation will also meet San Diego based organizations and Brazilian actors during thematic breakfasts spread across the four days of the event.

To learn more about France’s healthcare and biotech industry and its presence at BIO, click here.

Photo: Pixtum, Getty Images